Fun’s In the Bag: Traveling with Tots


Flying or driving with toddlers leaves some in a cold sweat. Anyone who’s spent time with a toddler knows it ain’t fun trying to make them stay still in one spot for long. Engaging them & inviting them into the process is often the winning key to gaining a toddler’s cooperation. Let them help choose a few of their favorite things to bring. Pack a few suprises in there too. We use as many different types of containers as possible, this way opening and closing each new item becomes an activity in itself. An obvious choice is the Container Store, but discount stores like TJ Maxx work as well. We are also a huge fan of the dollar store for many travel suprises because so few of them seem to make it safely all the way back home.

  1. Containers,Containers,Containers:  

    We like to use as many different types of containers as possible. This way opening and closing each new item becomes an activity in its self. The obvious choice is the Container Store, but discount stores like TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack work as well. Try and find ones that challenge your little one’s skill set: velcro sandwich bags, drawstring, click and lock, classic lids, screw tops, zippers, buttons… the more variation the better.

  2. Clay, slime, playdough, wax:

    Anything that lets your little use their hands. You’ll lose a lot of it so we like to travel with supplies that aren’t precious. We generally add a few dollar store animal figurines into the mix as well.

  3. Art Supplies:

    Rolled pencil or crayon carriers are great since the carrier itself can be a fun thing to interact with and explore. Plus, it all rolls up nice and neat. Any art supply would work as long as its easy to carry, no big deal if you lose it, and it doesn’t get anyone too dirty.

  4. Books

    We like ones about being at the airport, as well as our final destination. But of course, we’ll bring a couple of favorites as well.

  5. Stickers and Tapes : 

    What’s not to love?! They can put them on themselves and on the seat. Window clings work great as well… though the gel ones can be tempting to young toddlers to put in their mouths.

  6. Crayon Rocks: 

    We love everything about these. Environmentally friendly, great company, wonderful writing tool, and they come in their own bag which is fun to open and close. One flight we took, a young toddler happily opened and closed the bag putting the rocks in and out for over an hour. It was amazing to watch!

  7. Puppets: 

  8. These do double duty as washclothes as well- a huge plus!
  9. Stuffed Animal  & lovies: 

    Hazel Village makes about the sweetest lovies we have ever come across.

  10. Water Wow: 

    These are great. Easy, simple, and reusable. They can really take a beating and a lot of love before falling apart. Well worth it in our mind. These generally make it in our eating out bag as well.

  11. Blocks:

    Tegu are wonderful but, man, we fear losing those buggers because they are so darn expensive. We usually purchase a few cheap options at the dollar store so it doesn’t matter if they get lost. If you do bring the Tegu’s we generally bring at least one metal container or a metal dry erase board from the dollar bin for an added bit of fun.

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