Fun’s in the Bag Pt. 2

These bags make travel all the more fun!

  1. Handmade Easy Find is both stylish and verstile. Also- pockets and zippers and snaps oh my!
  2. Hey America’s are on sale until the 26th. Also the double decker feature is great! You have the little’s back pack and their carry on! No worries about luggage getting lost.
  3. Trunki: oldie but goodie. These are fun!
  4. Love this little lizard print from Emile et Ida
  5. Wolf Rita Back pack
  6. Go Vinci Bag: Gives your little a built-in canvas holder so there’s always a place to create.
  7. FOME Ride On: A ride along suitcase with a handle to pull and a handle to hold if someone gets tired of riding.
  8. This Panda is a scooter……how much fun is that?!


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