About me


This is my love letter to play. Those blissful days making flower mud pies, splashing in puddles, building snow forts, and watching the clouds in the sky. Those days learning about yourself, your friends, and the world around you. Play is vital to children. It’s impossible to spend time with a child and not see how it’s the language they speak,  air they breathe, their passport to the world around them. Perhaps it’s the Midwestern upbringing or being raised by a mother who is a teacher, maybe it’s being the lucky audience to child’s play for most of my adult life, but I still believe in childhood. In those days filled with puddles and potions. It is my great wish to grow a community of dreamers and lovers of childhood. I am on a path to build a world that honors children and those who care for them. The world is speckled with people, design, artistry, and information that illuminates a brighter future.

I enjoy meeting kindred spirits along the way! With admiration, Kelly