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Nature Nursery School Essentials

We are starting our summer series Nature Nursery School tomorrow! We are so excited to get outside and explore with some new friends and neighbors. Hiking with children can seem daunting if you are the outdoorsy type. But most hiking is just walking on dusty trails instead of on city streets. There’s just a few things you need and you will be all set to explore the great outdoors.

  1. Sunday Afternoons Hats are great! Durable and washable.

  2. Badger Sunscreen! We can’t say enough about how amazing this is! It is thick and easy to apply- even for a toddler (their stick makes it fool proof!) No tears from getting it your eyes. Even with sweating on a hot trail this sunscreen stays put and doesn’t wash into you or your wee ones eyes which in our house is vital to our satisfaction. Lavender has been our favorite until a recent trip where we could only find Tangerine & Vanilla. It smells likean Orangesicle – happy summer to us!

  3. A back pack can come in super handy. Getting one your little one likes can help incentivize them carrying their own stuff. This adorable one from So Youngmakes us want to bring extra stuff just to fill it up.

  4. Being covered can come in handy for a couple of reasons. It can be essential to help keep out the sun and saves on having to slather sunscreen all over and it helps keep out those pesky ticks. Solumbra has been around for 30 years and was developed after the owner was diagnosed with skin cancer and needed clothing that could protect his skin. They have a wonderfully thorough line of clothing for the whole family.

  5. Reference Books are wonderful resources. Learn about the birds you are seeing and hearing, the bugs you come across, and what to avoid in your neck of the woods! Those by the National Audubon Society are always wonderful and so are the Peterson Field Guides.

  6. Water bottles are essential! We are a bit partial to Kleen Kanteens. Try an insulated one it will change your life!

  7. Good shoes are important. Ones that come over the ankle help protect your little ones from ticks and poison ivy/oak. These sturdy buddies from Hi-Tec Altitude easily handled double duty this year for us as hiking boots and snow boots. We added a pair of Smartwool socks and hours in the snow resulted in cozy toes and lots of snow angels.

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