Kay Redfield Jamison

On a quiet street, in a cozy house, and on a plot of land

 that also housing a micro, organic urban farm complete with chickens and budding fruit trees,

here children play. 

The Nursery School at Crest View Farm is founded on the belief that all children possess a natural love for learning and that they learn best in the world around them.

Nature is a wonderful teacher. Children discover how the world lives and grows. They are invited to explore and cultivate their wonder. A licensed small family childcare facility in the state of California (license CA# 376627098), our small size allows for high teacher to student ratio and enables us to promote strong relationships between the children and the caregivers. Mixed ages provide children with rich and abundant pro social experiences. Both younger children and older children are afforded the ability to grow in new and empowering ways with children in a home setting. 



We believe in a child’s right to play, joy, and wonder. We believe in care for our environment, our friends, and ourselves.  And we know that as children are trusted, their social competence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy grows.


Our approach respects each child’s individuality, responds to her needs, promotes peaceful conflict resolution, and supports child-initiated learning.  Keeping class size small, as it ensures that the teachers are able to come to know each child and their interests well. We endeavor to create lifelong learners through the development of language skills (listening and speaking), social skills (communication and conflict resolution), and thinking skills (critical, analytic, creative, and problem solving). We signal the importance placed on caring for our environment by taking a mindful approach to the choice and use of resources.

To these points, the children at The Nursery School are:

  • encouraged and supported in their care for themselves and their peers.

  •  trusted to resolve conflict peacefully

  •  modeled sustainability by the teachers through carefully selecting materials for their sustainability, beauty, and ability to be reused.

  • empowered to communicate and problem solve together.

  •    invited to utilize the scientific method when exploring


The Nursery School at Crest View Farm was founded by Kelly Scott. It is the nursery school she dreamed of for her own daughter. An early childhood educator with over 15 years of experience, Kelly is deeply devoted to the power of play. She’s worked with parents, other educators, and non profits in supporting children’s right to play throughout childhood. Kelly studied child development at the University of Minnesota where she was first introduced to the importance of play for children. After moving to California, Kelly discovered the teachings and work of pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler and the work of Emmi's friend, infant specialist Magda Gerber. Kelly studied and trained with the organization founded by Ms. Gerber known as RIE® (pronounced rye) and has gone on to become one of only 59 people in the world granted certification to teach the Educaring® Approach as a RIE Associate®.  In addition, she co wrote their popular Nurturing Nanny® course. Kelly has worked as a nanny, preschool teacher, and parent educator. 
The Nursery School at Crest View Farm is the culmination of Kelly’s life’s work to this point. It fuses two of her deepest passions: slow childhood and slow food. Raised in a farming community and born into a farming family, Kelly grew up understanding our duty to the environment. Her time working with the culinary sustainability pioneer Chef Rick Bayless solidified Kelly’s connection to how our food is grown and the importance of taking part in that process. She wanted her own daughter to grow and learn amongst trees and living things, as well as to see the beauty of growing food and caring for the world. Kelly cherishes being the audience to a child’s growing, discovery, and learning.